Tips and Tricks for Belly Dancers

When you start belly dancing, there are challenges that you face and especially learning the basic steps of belly dancing. What brings lower confidence in this dance, is when you see your instructor or advanced dancer with their skills.


It should not make you feel less confident in your skills. Learn the benefits of staying healthy and fit. All you need is to master a basic shimmy is practice and confidence.


Here, there are tips and tricks that will help you to improve your belly dancing.


Adding Flourishes

You need to combine flourishes with shimmies and you will have a graceful belly dancing. When you are able to add other movements, you have already added a new dimension for your dancing. Avoid imperfect shimming attention.


Besides, doing locks and pops with exaggerated hip movements will bring attention to the loud drum accentuations. What should accompany lighter drums is the upper body, diaphragm and shoulder movements.


If you combine the movements with hip shimmies, belly locks, and shoulder popping, you will have created an interesting flourish.


Using The Upper Body Part


When doing the shimmy, the upper body parts like arms, head, torso or hands can be used to follow your movements. You have to enjoy that music so that you can literally flow with the moods. If the drums are quiet, ensure you take your movements into subtle and fluid.


After the drums have picked a strong tempo, exaggerate your arm and hip movements such that they much the tempo. When accentuating for stronger beats, pop the shoulders.




To perfect an art, you have to do more practice. This should also appear in belly dancing. When practicing, ensure you put your feet away from the other. Make your knees relax and ensure that they are not bending too much, otherwise, you will make unnatural and rigid movements.


Shake your hips with undulation motion as you draw movements through your back legs. You will need to keep practicing the motion frequently until you get it. Once done, learn to move or walk using your hip shimmy.


Walking with Grace


In every movement, there is a starting point. In belly dancing, you should start with the basic hip shimmy. When you are into your groove, you can slowly shift your weight and put on one foot but both of your feet should be touching the ground to enhance balancing. Slowly, you can shift your weight into the other foot. Keep practicing until you have mastered the shift.


Work On Transitions


When you do smooth transitions, you will have a seamless performance. A transition is where you move part of your body that extends back into central or neutral position. For example, you can extend your arm overhead and then the other to the side. Move both of your arms and let them extend in front and you will find it easier for you to reverse them to their initial positions. So that the movements can look like a dance and not a semaphore, include your head to the center.